Interior Design Consultant In UAE

Interior Design Consultant In UAE

Interior Design Consultant In UAE

Interior Design Consultant In UAE

Interior Design Consultant In UAE


Creative Shelf is counted as one of the best interior design consultant in UAE that strives to create equilibrium between aesthetics and functionality. The contemporary & international design styles are followed by us when executing the interior designing of any residential, commercial or official set up. You can hire us for our interior designing consultancy services to get the interiors according to your unique style.

We have a team of the best interior design consultants in UAE, who work with you and consider your unique demands, which are integrated with their own designs. Thus an exclusive style of design is conceived to meet your specific expectation. While planning the interiors of any building we give a special attention to the coordination of building services. Before starting with execution, our team creates and shows you the proposed design in photorealistic 3D views so that you can know what the interior will look like.

Proper space management is only possible by getting in touch with interior consultants. Our interior design consultancy services at Creative Shelf will surely be a good budgeting decision that will help you save money and time utilized for managing the interior designs of any space. A simple space can look like a million-dollar place when loads of creativity are splashed on the interiors. This can happen when you hire our professional consultancy services. We will make sure that your interiors look attractive, up-to-date, and functional. Once you hire us, we will also help you avoid the headaches often associated with re-modeling, expansion, and interiors work overall.

The right colors, textures, and furnishing can tie a space together. They help in creating a specific mood and also serve as characters in the story of that particular space. We, as the best interior firm in Dubai also provide guidance about materials, flooring, hardware, paint options, architectural elements, and overall remodeling of the space. Our team offers tailor-made solutions for interior space.

Creative Shelf is rightfully one of the top interior designing companies in Dubai that can be consulted for converting your vision into reality.

What Will Our Interior Design Consultant Team Do?

Creative Shelf is a recommended interior design company in Dubai that has a team of best interior design consultants to assist you. Our interior design consultants stay on top of design trends and also keep up with the latest technical skills. When you hire our interior design consultancy services, you can expect the following from our team working on your project:

  • Meet With You

One of the most important tasks that our interior design consultant Dubai will do is meet you and assess your design needs. They will follow you up throughout the project and also at its completion to address concerns and ensure your satisfaction.

  • Draft Design Schematics

Our consultant team can work to create interior design plans for an existing or a completely new space. They analyze the function of the space keeping your goals in mind and will then draft schematics, designs, sketches, and blueprints, implying the latest technology.

  • Plan Interior Decor

You can also hire our interior consultants in Dubai to suggest interior design and decor elements. This usually involves formulating a design plan that includes specifying necessary materials, product sourcing, and budgeting. We also entertain improvisations and customizations based on your suggestions.


Whether you want offices, hotels, restaurants, bars, or other commercial spaces, apartments, flats, villas, or any other residential interior design Dubai, then you can contact Creative Shelf LLC.


Why Is Our Interior Design Consultant Team Important For Your Project?

Creative Shelf is among the top interior designers in UAE that is renowned for its consultancy services. We have a team of expert interior designers who will render the best advice on designing the interior spaces according to your specific requirements.

Our team that including a bunch of professional interior consultants, will walk through your property and discuss whatever you wish to achieve. From furniture arrangement, finishing choices (such as tiles, countertops, flooring, etc.), window treatments, upholstery or any other design related guidance that you need, our consultancy services are the best choice.

Read more to know about the importance of an interior design consultant for your project:

  • Save Your Time A meeting with our interior design consultant team is an excellent step to take before you make decisions. Being the best interior design consultant in Dubai, our company engages a good team of interior consultants having the knowledge and experience of interior design. The consultants will help you make the decisions that is right for you and your space.
  • Save Your Money Our team of interior consultants will make sure that you pick the right paint color and other finishes on the very first pick. Each of our consultants is well aware of the market and will tell you where you would get good value for your money. The team can also guide you about the furniture options that will suit both your budget and taste.
  • In-Home Consultation Creative Shelf is a top interior design consultant in Dubai. We are excellent consultancy services in the city. Our expert consulting team will visit your property in person and note down your budget and the specific interiors that you have pictured. Drafting your ideas mingled with ours, we will create photorealistic 3D images that will let you know what the final project will look like.
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