Time for an Office Lobby Redesign

Time for an Office Lobby Redesign

Time for an Office Lobby Redesign

Time for an Office Lobby Redesign

The design demonstrates that first impression matters, well, it does to a great extent. Interior design withholds and narrates human nature to observe things around us when we go to a new place. Be it a house, a hotel, or an office, the appearance speaks volumes about the place and the people associated with it. Hence, it simply takes just a few seconds to form a first impression.

Over the last few decades, although the commercial interior design of the workplace has seen some huge changes in terms of design, yet the significance of office lobbies, walkways, and passages is often undervalued, a suitably designed reception and waiting area give a powerful message about a firm’s distinctiveness, products, and services.

In the Corporate Interior Design field, take a hotel or restaurant lobby as an example, if you look at a five-star hotel you would see the lobby to be stylish with sophisticated, high-end up-to-date furniture so why not have your visitors leave your office with this eminent impression as well?


Redesigning your lobby into a setting an impression should be your first thought when upgrading your office cum workplace space. Always keep in mind that the first place the visitors notice when they enter is the reception desk, so why not choose an imaginative office design that would make it stylish.

Commercial Interior redesign can be an inconvenience that’s where experienced Turnkey Fit-out Interior design company play a major role, but a redesigning lobby comes with more hassles, nonetheless, it shouldn’t be avoided at any cost. You set an expectation for your future business partners. As discussed, the lobby is a place that will establish an impression of your company, having your visitors and possible employees walk through a shabby lobby can be a bad impression. This includes the office reception as well since it is considered the face of the office, a place where people wait for a couple of minutes before a meeting or find information about a particular person or place they want to reach. The lobby should give a complete idea about your brand. That perception means a lot for an exceptional business. A great office interior design and decoration means great business.

Not only for the outsiders, but the lobby is also one area that every employee walks through every single day, so proper redesigning changes the way your employees feel about their workplace. The better the atmosphere, the better the performance. Creative Shelf, one of the best interior consultants, Dubai, has ingenious ideas for commercial interior design with their Joinery Factory set up which keeps the end-user hassle-free with the direct installation of approved design suiting your brand style and taste to the best.


Why redesign the Lobby/Reception/waiting area now?

At one point you realize that a lobby redesign — or at least a lobby refresh — is inevitable. Let’s be realistic and see that this time is the best time to redesign the lobby. Why? After the COVID-19 it is more convenient to go for it – office’s design and aesthetic.

There are certain reasons why you might consider redesigning your office lobby area as everyone is trying hard to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic:

Social distancing: As this is a common practice in the world – people do not want to sit right next to a stranger, they feel uncomfortable because of the chance to get infected by the Coronavirus. The 6-feet distance rule is applied in most places. Therefore, creating seating space for visitors will ensure safety and comfort for the visitors. Interior designing company – non-other than Creative Shelf knows what is best for your office at this time.


Visibility and vigilance – Are important for your front desk staff to observe clearly who is coming and going, this practice may make them aware of threats beforehand. If this observation is apt, it would be difficult for the criminals to hide anywhere. You don’t always have to depend on the building’s surveillance system.


Creative Shelf – an exceptional interior fit-out company near you that believes in comfort with functionality. Durable and chic furniture, proper flooring, and lighting will excite your visitors. When designing furniture for your office lobby everything is taken under consideration with a team of imaginative designers. We make sure never to fail our clients and do our best to come up to their expectations. Because your trust is what we thrive on!