The Coolest Interior Design Trends Of 2022

The Coolest Interior Design Trends Of 2022

The Coolest Interior Design Trends Of 2022

The Coolest Interior Design Trends Of 2022

Trends are set based on our reaction toward what the world is doing. This pandemic has left a huge impact on our ways of living. People realized many things that they didn’t in their busy lives and now are adopting those trends that are convenient to them. The trend nowadays is of having a cool functional space. By working from home we have understood the importance of a perfect interior and how it can impact our whole mood and how it says a lot about us. In this blog I will tell you about the coolest interior designing trends of 2022, so you can identify and pick the one that will be perfect for you!


We are no stranger to the feeling of a heavy, messy, and dull home. In the pandemic, we started to realize how our house impacts our mental health. Our mood and creativeness are affected by our surrounding environment and a dull environment can never promote anything healthy, therefore; here are some trending interior design ideas for 2022 for you to get inspiration from: 

Vintage and antique:

If you love romanticizing everything then the Vintage style is the most preferred aesthetic in interior design. The vintage interior holds the kind of aesthetics that immediately provides that feeling of the old days. When we are talking about vintage how can we forget the accessorizing beauties that are related to vintage? Vintage interior basically holds antique art pieces and the use of furniture made of linen or wool. By adding art you can express yourself in a unique way. Your vintage interior can reflect the best side of your personality and your taste. Moreover, if you are in Dubai, you can consult a creative shelf-interior designing company Dubai for professionals advice.

Statement lights:

Lighting is the most important part of decorating your interior. If you want to go with the trends, you can set up statement lights. It can instantly add to your interior’s beauty. There are a lot of options available in the market with different colors and light intensity, you can store bright lights in your reading room and can go for dim comforting lighting for your bedroom area.


In the pandemic, we have realized how much we were indulged in technology and how with its pros comes a fair share of cons. No matter how much material is available online books still hold that undefeated power of knowledge and amusement. If you are a book lover you definitely can make the most of this passion by adding a bookshelf to your interior. With the amazing options, you can make an architectural statement that is trendy and has its own classical look. Nowadays vintage bookshelves, simply built-in bookshelves are in trend. You can go for any design that suits your interior the best.

Comforting environment for bedtime:

We usually had separate places for every task but during the pandemic our bedroom was our workplace, eating place, and everything else.. Now that we have returned to our normal lives everyone wants their bedroom to go back to the comfy sleeping sanctuary it was before anything else therefore;  Light comforting color pallete and soft comforting beds and inviting cushions are the trends of 2022. 

Colour palette:

Colour palette is the base of your interior’s look. How your house would look after designing is based on the colors you are choosing. If you are a person who likes bright interiors then you can go for fun funky colors and a statement wall. If you want something simple then, neutrals are the best options but if you want to make a bold statement then you can go for a combination of red and black. A neutral palette is the most picked option as the soft simple designs are trending nowadays but you can go for anything that you like.

The perfect balance in accessorizing:

Simplicity is the trend of 2022! When you are adding decoration accessories to your interior make sure you are not over-accessorizing. If you keep adding decoration accessories it will make your space look congested. Lightly accessorised interiors look elegant and can make a great first impression on your guests.

Bringing in nature:

Having pots decorations and plants in your interior is the new trend. Greenery naturally improves health and makes your environment better. Having plants in your house can promote better mood, productivity resulting in an improved mental state. You can buy beautiful pots to keep your fav plants inside.

Open comfort space:

Balconies and outdoor spaces have become a trend. We all prefer open spaces to chill and during.the pandemic people ended up making outdoor.spaces in their houses to get fresh air. An area where you can sit under the open sky and do your regular work or just chill is a must have. If you have that kind of space or are looking forward to having one then you can consult interior designers like creative shelf-an interior designing company Dubai for the perfect outcome.


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