The Art and Science of Interior Design

The Art and Science of Interior Design

The Art and Science of Interior Design

The Art and Science of Interior Design

Often the exterior of a structure is used in interior decorating, but the term interior architecture or design is most commonly used to refer to it. Interior decoration or interior designing is something one has ever done, for example designing their house or office. Many people are gifted that aesthetic sense—interior designing ideas come to them naturally. Many people have a liking towards it, and you don’t require a formal degree to take pride in your decorating your home or office. Whereas many companies like Creative Shelf have trained and qualified designers to do the needful.

When it comes to interior designing – you will find numerous theories and definitions. But we can conclude on one fact: interior designing is both an art and science. To emphasize this theory, we have some notions to discuss. Let us read!

How is interior designing science?

When you look up a dictionary for the literal meaning of science, it says – the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. So, this should be enough for us to understand that interior design is a feature that requires a lot of intelligence. And an interior designer naturally has remarkable observation and simply loves to implement new ideas to our homes or experiment with new things and aspects in their projects.

Here we are not going to elucidate what an interior designer and interior decorator are. We have to focus on what is interior design and interior decoration. Although they work together and do the same work, however, their skills vary. An interior designer has to have a professional degree in the said field. Whereas, interior decorators don’t need an advanced degree or any such education. Their innate skills and interest can make them interior decorators. They have a natural inclination towards the aesthetics of a place and want to improve it. But interior designers will contact a professional for any alteration in the structural elements. They themselves would not do it, they concentrate on the aesthetics of the structure. Many famous interior designing companies in Dubai believe in both, interior designers and decorators. 

How is interior design art?

Interior design, if done properly is an art in itself. A piece of art touches people’s hearts, and interior design in any form that gives a wow expression is nothing less than art. A combination of the right colors, mixed with other pieces in the space, the textures, and patterns, all need a perfect placement in the space a designer is working on. It is said that a painting tells a lot about an artist, in fact, it tells storytimes. Likewise, a great interior tells the story of an individual, family, company, organization, etc. The list is never-ending as interior design is considered a form of art because its impact is quite similar to any other form of art. Just like the aesthetically designed furniture from Creative Shelf will tell you many a story about the person who will be using that particular piece of furniture. 

Combination of art and science — interior designing

This is an incredible phenomenon of how we creatively work to evoke a particular concept or emotion when designing a space. This is the process a painter practices. He has an idea or inspiration to convey. He portrays all his ideas into a full concept and then plays with colors to give life to them, and that is when you see that gorgeous piece hanging in someone’s drawing room or a hotel lobby. As interior design follows the rules that art does —there is no right or wrong in it. The space you are working on must be functional and serve the purpose. 

Have you noticed that your favorite restaurant has a typical color theme, maybe red? The reason is that the fiery vibrant color excites the brain and it boosts hunger. The subtle shades of blues and grey in the workplace do a similar thing—the plain hue generates calmness, and keeps the mood composed moods, hence better productivity and concentration. This is one example of science in interior design. Science can help designers to understand clients; needs and how they would respond to the designer’s work, this is how chances of success increase. The ingenious designers at Creative Shelf will prove how interior designing is an art as well as science. That is why they stand out among many interior designing companies in Dubai.