Ten Interior Design Hacks by Masooma Sonasath

Ten Interior Design Hacks by Masooma Sonasath

Ten Interior Design Hacks by Masooma Sonasath

Ten Interior Design Hacks by Masooma Sonasath

It is said that Home is where the heart is! means no matter where you go, you return to your home because that is where you find peace of mind, solace and deepest affection. Even if it is a rental apartment or a house – there is no place like home. It is very important to decorate your surrounding with furniture and décor that speak of your taste, shows your aesthetic sense and most of all makes you feel happy to live there.

There are many ways to make the place give the feeling of ownership without spending a handsome amount on the décor, also making things moveable. Just putting your heart and soul to some brilliant ideas can give a fabulous result.

Here are ten ideas for you to follow and make your space livelier – a place you would want to come back after a long day.

  1. Custom wallpaper with stencil

Walls are always too prominent, without even making an effort, one sees the wall of the room. Just plain, simple paint gives a very bland look, in fact, it looks too basic and boring. But you go just a step ahead of it and instead of painting walls with some exquisite style create your own wallpapers. Cut out any pattern stencils on any hard material like cardboard or corrugated sheets, paint on the plains sheet for the wall and paste it when the paint is dry. This will give a whole new look to your dull walls.

  1. Don’t replace; just repaint

There are so many things in the house that we are either too bored or they look too dreary and lifeless. But the fact of the matter is, you can’t go on replacing them every time. The best is to make use of the so may lovely colors the paints are available in. Simply use the right paintbrush and paint to renew your old garden chairs, coffee table, corner table or even a washbasin.

  1. Decorate curtains with tie backs

Upholstery and curtains play a vital role in giving a different look of the room. Curtains need to be tied to one side when the curtains are drawn. Usually, ribbons and cords are used for the purpose. However, to give a more of a royal look, beads strings of different colors can be used to tie backs the curtains. They serve the purpose of keeping the curtains in place, also, making it look stunning because of the ornament.

  1. Vibrant walls

People love to paint their walls themselves, thanks to the accessories and tools available these days. You don’t need labor and help to do it; all you need is the idea! A colorful environment makes one feel cheerful, lifts one’s mood instantly. Even reconsidering to repaint your apartment with the same color can give a feeling of something new. The best way you can do this is by contacting your building manager, to redo the walls, and often it is part of maintenance. If that’s not the case, run down to the nearest hardware store (which are plenty around the UAE) and get your favorite color and make repainting a family exercise.

  1. Leftover fabric to cover lampshades

Most of the living rooms or even bedrooms have lamps in either of the corners. Those plain market-bought lamps look classy and elegant but one gets bored looking at them day in and day out. You would not want to buy new ones because these are as good as new. So, to bring novelty to them, cover them with leftover fabric from your bed sheets, curtains or even your printed dress. This little effort will give a whole new look to the lamps.

  1. Bring in some green

When you talk about green, of course, we are referring to plants. The green color, itself signifies healing, well-being, nature, calm, relaxation, freshness and the list goes on and on. These are a few benefits of having plants inside your home; they boost your physical and mental health. But plants give a bright and harmonious look to the ambience of your home. It enhances the overall appearance of the space.

  1. Turn the crates into a bookcase

Nothing like bringing in a little rustic to your living space without disturbing your budget. Therefore, you can choose to either reuse or recycle. If you are a fruit love, you must have bought some fruit in a crate, or if not, a visit to the local grocery store can suffice. Simply paint them with any color of your choice and stack them up, or sticking them together, to make them look like shelves. Now you can use this as a unique bookcase. This can be done with drawers from old or discarded furniture too.

  1. Photo gallery

Who doesn’t like to make memories and then store them in the form of photographs? This way we treasure those memories all our life. Some people have photos with their loved ones of all the special occasions. Why not create a photo gallery? The photos can be mounted on colored card paper, then paste the card paper on any harder material like cardboard. You can paint or cover the cardboard with a paper or even a piece of fabric and hang it on the wall. It will look very creative.

  1. Fancy floor rugs

Nowadays, flooring is done with tiles or vinyl, which is very in thing these days. But to give a different elegant look to the room, simple, handmade rugs can be used. Some several DIY videos and tutorials will help you make your own artistic and creative floor rugs.

  1. Lighten up your space

A most important factor in decorating an interior is the light. You need to see whether you need a well-lit or a dim corner, or your room needs to be illuminated thoroughly. Using appropriate lights, means the size and the power matter, will make the room look alive and soulful. Fairy lights look amazing and are a cost effective solution to revamping a lot of your décor. These lights can lit up your curtains or revamp any furniture in your home.

You don’t have to be an expert or need to spend a great deal at DIY or recreating your space; just some ingenious décor ideas and solutions will make your space look complete and pleasant looking. And the immense pleasure you will feel will be immeasurable.