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Private Residence – Downtown Dubai – Complete interior works of living room walls, plus dining shelf and display unit, customized shelf for collectables, and entire bedroom including the dressing table and vanity.

Downtown Dubai is known for its luxury apartments, sky-scrapers and the world’s tallest building, The Burj Khalifa . Whoever chooses to have a private residence in Downtown Dubai would definitely want ideas out of the box for the interior of their space. This residential property on the 26th floor was designed and executed by Creative Shelf with spectacular views of the Dubai Mall and the Dubai Fountain. They can take care of your complete interior works, from living room walls to false ceiling from dining areas to display units, you just name it and we make your dreams come to reality. The customized shelf for collectables is a notable attraction in this apartment, including the entire bedroom with a top to bottom hotel style backboard for the bed. Everything can be designed as per desire, just like the dressing table and the vanity round mirror.Also, a customized kids room, with a loft bed on a climbing theme with a ladder and wall climbers complementing the rest of the furniture.