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Corporate Office – for an electro-mechanical company. Customized the reception and provided shelving solutions for the files and folders of the company. The conference room was customized while adding a wooden world map.

In a workplace, an employee spends a large part of their day and it is vital to create a space that’s practical, visually appealing, comfortable, and appealing – all of which promote efficiency and productivity. These are the special features of a corporate office. Creative Shelf designed and executed on the interiors for this corporate office, of an electro-mechanical company. The entire office looks inviting, beginning with a customized reception, which is the face of the office. The creative design provided shelving solutions for the files and folders of the company. All the other rooms have their significance when it comes to designing; the frosted glass cabins give a classy look with maintaining privacy at the same time. The director’s cabin was made with much attention, yet simplicity, and the customized cabinet was made keeping in mind the director’s personal requirements. One of the most important rooms in a corporate office is the conference room where all the important decisions are taken. The conference room was customized exceptionally, giving a grand look to the room. The subtle brown furniture adds to the grandeur of the room. To enhance the look, a wooden world map is placed on the wall. That is the craftiest thing done in the office.