Interior Design Trends to Watch in 2022

Interior Design Trends to Watch in 2022

Interior Design Trends to Watch in 2022

Interior Design Trends to Watch in 2022

As we entered 2022, we had a lot of expectations from trends and had a lot of plans to change our previously adopted lifestyle. The Corona period changed our lifestyle totally. When we were confined to our homes we understood our needs better and connected with our place in a better way and making it perfect for all kinds of work like office, study, entertainment, fitness, etc. Now that we have moved toward our usual routines there are some trends that are being followed in interior designs that add to our house’s beauty and our comfort. In this blog, I will tell you about the trendiest interior designs of 2022.


There’s a quote from famous interior designer Nate Berkus “ your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love” our interior is not just an area inhabited by us but it is our comfortable sanctuary. It speaks about our personality before we do, therefore, our houses should comprise of our preferences and the kinds of aesthetics we prefer. Here are some of the trendiest interior designs of 2022 to help you in identifying your preference and what you should change in your interior:

Nature-inspired designs:

We always try to find peace in our house and nature is the second name for peace. It is known to calm us down and immediately boost up the mood. Therefore, interior designs that consist of greenery and natural objects are a trend. People are going for designs that have this calm aesthetic vibe to them. You can use plants and different stones in designing several different parts of your house to feel that pleasure and calmness in another way.

Shades of brown:

Interior designers have noticed that people in 2022 are opting for shades of brown. They prefer colors like choco brown, light brown, and caramel. These colors are a perfect fit to make your interior look welcoming. These colors give a sober light aesthetic that goes with light wall colors for example cream or white.

High-tech lighting:

Lighting is the immediate mood setter and the most important part of interior designing. Lighting can immediately add to the perfection of any interior design. Bright lighting promotes productivity and dim lights are perfect to relax and meditate. In 2022 people are opting for high-tech lighting systems that can be easily set according to the environment and mood. Lighting can also be used as home decor as there are vast design options available as well, for example, garden lamps (old aesthetic expression), quad lights, track lights, etc.

Multi-functional spaces:

As we have done everything in our homes in the corona period we are starting to adopt that convenient lifestyle. Multifunctional spaces have become a trend. People prefer spaces where they can perform different tasks and can as well chill. Some people have created home offices in their houses and some have dedicated spaces for meditation and exercising. If you are a resident of Dubai you can consult interior designing firms in Dubai like creative shelf for the best advice on multifunctional space.

Curved shapes furniture:

Curved shape furniture is also a trend. This kind of furniture not only gives a look of uniqueness but also is a safe way of decorating your interior. Furniture with shaped corners can prove to be dangerous as people can hurt themselves, especially a house with children should have safe furniture so they can play around fearlessly without causing worry.

Impression walls:

Love colors and patterns? Then this one is for you! If you have a house with a minimalistic design and you want to spice it up without going through a lot of trouble then, you can add an impression wall. These walls are very trendy and you can get very creative in the selection of designs. This signature wall can be anything, patterns, painting, or just abstract.

Arts and antiques:

Arts and antiques are an amazing way of adding beauty and value to your interior. You can always show yourself through your art choices and antique pieces. If you can’t afford real antique pieces you can go for things like signature jewelry holders and can decorate your daily wear with them.

Cultural-inspired crockery:

Want to follow the modern trends but also need a hint of culture? You can go for culturally inspired crockery and decorate it as decorating pieces in your showcase. You can serve in this crockery on your dining table as well to show your appreciation of culture and to stay connected with your roots. Cultural crockery is the new trend as it allows us to present a piece of ourselves.

These were some of the ideas that you can select from if you wanna move with the trend. For the best outcome of any interior design consult a creative shelf-interior design firm in Dubai. They are the best interior designing company in Dubai with all the professional perfectionists working with them. They can provide you with your dream outcome and can give you the trendiest interior style. If you are looking forward to updating or remodeling your house then, visit their website now: