Increase Brand Recognition with Office Space Branding

Increase Brand Recognition with Office Space Branding

Increase Brand Recognition with Office Space Branding

Increase Brand Recognition with Office Space Branding


Does your office space depict what is branding? If not, why?  The most effective brands convey their branding message. Their ideas and goals to life right in their offices. Let’s read the reasons why you should do it too.

Whether your company is a large multinational, or you are just a newbie in the field. Your brand is the first thing your potential clients would notice. Branding is one of the most imperative features of any successful business. That means branding has the immense power to elevate your business. Even though, most businesses know that for a properly branded website or marketing materials, many people overlook the importance of office space branding.

If you have planned a meeting with your client at your office, then there is a need for a well-branded office for sure.  You certainly want to make a good impression on your client by getting perfect space planning done.  Branding is vital for commercial office space, even if your clients don’t meet you at your office. It is your business’ identity – reminds people what they are looking for.

Office space branding

Does the existing office space satisfy you?

You should look around and see if your existing branding makes you happy before you make changes to your office space.

Is the color scheme fit your business? How do your employees feel about the space? Does it remind them about the aim and objectives of your business? If you think you need to work on space planning then find a good interior design company, such as Creative Shelf. Share your concerns with the interior consultants and address them at the earliest.

How to initiate office branding?

This is a little complicated since each business works differently. When you are contemplating what you need to be as an organization, you should think about what kind of office space planning is required. So, consider the following points, they will help you come up with great ideas:

Seeking professional help: If an interior fit-out company designs for the transformation of your new office, you are surely saving time. But, make sure you also involve yourself and your staff in pitching ideas – who knows more about what is required in an office.

Deciding on the layout: Whatever interior design company would choose, a collaborative open-plan office or an individual cubicle but make sure the space planning portrays your brand.

What makes you stand out? 

You need to be sure what makes your business or your office look different, also, the design should reflect it. When Creative Shelf designs a new office, they go the extra mile in creating something out of the ordinary.

Let the place tell who you are!

One way of exhibiting your story is to use sensibly chosen quotes around your office. For instance, you could frame your values or paint a mural that depicts the story. All the text about the brand should be at eye level, it will help visitors to notice it. It is next to impossible to miss your company’s philosophy when it’s exactly written on the wall. On the other hand, you could write key data in deliberate places around.

The right furniture

The options are limitless and, texture, as well as elegance, is important here. From natural to synthetic materials, and from a refined fabric to cold metal, whatever you choose affect the entire office space.

Get the office space branding right

All the big and successful brands in the world have one thing in common, it is that they know the worth of office branding, and they are really step up in their business. You have to pay considerable attention to your own branding and morals.

Whether you are in for office space planning on a large scale and redesigning it or looking for minor touches, thinking wisely – Creative Shelf can make all the difference to your business.