Functional Shelving for Bedroom Wardrobes  

Functional Shelving for Bedroom Wardrobes  

Functional Shelving for Bedroom Wardrobes  

Functional Shelving for Bedroom Wardrobes  

While decorating a bedroom a lot has to be considered. The mere decoration does not mean adorning the room with different decoration pieces or classy designing – to add to the aesthetics of the bedroom, proper wardrobes are required. There are a lot of designs and materials available in the market for you to choose from for your bedroom wardrobes interior design which is practical and classy at the same time. Wardrobes have been modified over time; they make your simple and basic cupboards look exclusive and stylish.

However, it is not only about having classy furniture in the bedroom, we all want our clothes and our other essentials to be organized and easily accessible, at the same time we want them to be safe. We want ample storage spaces in our wardrobes – a perfect piece of furniture one would ever dream of. Here are some sensible and ingenious bedroom storage ideas and designs to make your life easy and more organized.

Go For a Bespoke Built-In Storage

Built-in storage and wardrobes have been a conventional way of having a well-organized bedroom. There is no need for freestanding cupboards which take up a lot of space in the room, also these built-in cupboards can be made in any nook or alcoves. This is one of the smarted techniques used in closet organization.

Do Away with Bedside Table

 When you think of bedroom room furniture, a bedside table is a part and parcel of the package. Nevertheless, at certain times that particular piece of furniture – a bedside table – proves to be absolutely useless if not made to be functional. Often, it is only used to keep a few things next to the bed, like an alarm clock, phone, a book, water bottle or mobile phone. If you have enough space in the room next to your bed, it is not wise to waste it with a small piece of furniture, instead, why not add a chest of drawers? The top can still be used for books, glasses, mobile phones, etc. and you get a lot of space for clothes. Functional shelving can be done as per need.

Floor-To-Ceiling Units

Extending the wardrobe up to the ceiling is making the most of the space available in a small room. This is a neater alternative than having boxes on top of the wardrobe. Yes, the shelves are high and not easily accessible but we can think of making use of these shelves wisely, for instance, out-of-season clothes can be put there. Hence, this proves to be one of the smartest and most used bedroom storage ideas. One more feature can be added to these shelves –having glass-fronted doors for you to see what you have stored in those much higher shelves; this can be very convenient and time-saving too.

Use Space Under the Bed

Just in case if you have run out of space for more furniture or adding shelves to the existing, storing clothes underneath the bed in pull-out drawers, is a great idea. They can be clothes that are not worn frequently and your out-of-season clothes. For a lower bed, there can be those shallow drawers or the ones which are just lids outside to open and push the clothes in. Bur make sure, there should be no space for dust to enter.

To maximize storage in a bedroom and for a better closet organization, it is vital to first understand how to use the space wisely. For functional practicality of the furniture is the most important aspect. Be it any sort of bedroom furniture ideas, consult professionals for it. For example, bedroom wardrobes’ interior design is not everyone’s cup of tea. Consult our ingenious and resourceful professionals at Creative Shelf for satisfactory work and innovative ideas. We know how to tailor your storage according to your room and requirements.