We all know how frustrating it gets when we don’t get a good night’s sleep. This could be because of distinct reasons, whether your brain can’t switch off, your partners snorring,  there’s too much light in the room, too hot, too cold, there can be various reasons why you can’t have a good night’s sleep. The major reason is, because we’re not sleeping on the right kind of bed. Sleep has a huge impact on your life, after a stressful day it’s of utmost importance that you recharge your body  and be sound asleep and get pumped up for your next day. But with the perfect type of bed, you will be destitute from all these heavenly luxuries.
Here are some significant reasons why should have the best type of bed:

  1. COMFORT: a premium quality bed can literally eliminate all your stress and provides all the comfort and relaxation that your body needs after a tiring day. Each person has a different coping mechanism when it comes to comfort. But the most common is having a decent sleep. The experts at http://creativeshelf.ae/ believe that it is supremely important that the beds are designed according to the clients’ predilection. Also there are couple beds available as well and beds which provide supplementary support to your spinal cord giving you sublime quality sleep.
  2. PREVENTS HEALTH ISSUES: numerous health problems are also avoided when you sleep on the right kind of bed. For example, chronic back pain, shoulder pain, asthma and various kinds of allergies too. Prime quality beds also keep away all the dust mites and bed bugs, which in turn improves your sleep as well as your health.
  3. GOOD QUALITY SLEEP IMPROVES YOUR MEMORY: the more snug and cozy you are while you’re asleep, the better your brain functions. When your eyes are off, you don’t necessarily shut your brain. It is still wide awake taking the time to process all the events that took place during the day, remembers particular aspects and saves them as your memory. Therefore a good sleep enhances your memory profoundly.


1. DAY BED: it is a multi-purpose yet a very elegant bed which can be used as a bed, bench and a sofa. It’s like a sophisticated-looking futon. The variety of shapes and sizes makes it convenient for all places like homes, offices, guest rooms and even patios. It is usually use for twin beds.

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2. BOOKCASE BEDS: for anybody who loves devouring the books before bed, a bookcase bed is the perfect design for them. The bed frames provide a convenient storage right where you need it. Creative shelf’s bookcase beds consummate the whole bedroom with an ideal backdrop.

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3. MURPHY BEDS: they are a great investment for those living in smaller apartments as they are easily folded up and stored against the wall. It usually, as per the client’s demand, has small storage compartments on the side so that the most out the space is utilized

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4. DIVAN: these beds are uniquely designed, their base consists of a wooden frame enclosed by fabric (of choice). Usually this type of beds come with a complementary mattress designed to work with the base for your comfort. Divan is a great investment for those looking for a bed and mattress, all in one.

5. FOUR-POSTER BED: as their name suggests, they have rods that rise up from each corner. This is a perfect design for larger bedrooms as these kinds of beds are usually bigger than normal. The posters can be designed in a variety of styles from rustic to regal.

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Beds play a major role in the interior designing of the house, moreover it also determines the quality of your sleep. Therefore the decision while buying a bed should be made wisely and not in a haste. Choose an astounding design which is an eye-catcher for the viewer.
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