Difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator

Difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator

Difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator

Difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator


Just like some other terms interior designer and interior decorator are often confused as the same things. Although there are some major differences between both. People often have this image of interior designers working as interior decorators and vise versa. Both are required for totally different tasks and work with different types of parties. In this blog I will tell you about both of them to help you in differentiating one from another.

What are interior designers:

Most people fail to understand the differences between both which results in approaching the wrong party for the wrong tasks. As the name suggests ‘interior designers’ are people who design space.  An interior designer will help you in suggesting different materials and ways of how you can achieve your desired look in a more convenient way.


Interior designing is a whole field which requires professional training and studies. Professional interior designing requires understanding of peoples’ behaviour around them. They observe people and their requirements to help build space that is useful for them. An interior designer has a degree in designing and their tasks are more complex compared to interior decorators.creative helf is an interior designing company in dubai that has all the qualified interior designers available. They are hired for tasks like

  • Outlining spaces’ boundaries to have as much space as possible
  • Designing in a smart way
  • For tasks like colour matching of wall and windows for aesthetics
  • For wall paints and designs and floor concerns

Who do they work for?

Interior designers work with building teams to instruct them for designs that can make space most usable for people inhabiting it. Their role is complex and therefore they require a higher professional degree than interior decorators. In  some countries interior designers do internships with professional designers to gain experience and also have to pass exams after completion of their degree to prove their eligibility to work with professional organisations. Interior designers are hired by people to work on corporate spaces and private spaces as well.

When to hire an interior designer?

If you want to make the most of your money by building such space that can make it convenient for people then you should hire an interior designer. An interior designer will provide you with thoughtful solutions to create your desired space with perfect functionality and design. You can get professional advice in layout and design. Creative shelf- an interior designing company in dubai has the most successful projects done with professionality. They are your best option if you are looking for interior designers

What are interior decorators?

Interior decorators help in decorating a space. Their work is secondary. Their role comes after the space is built. Interior designers help in making your space appear good. They help in selecting decorative stuff that can add to the beauty of your space. They creatively introduce new ideas without changing the spaces’ layout.


Interior decorators can be called as a small part of the interior designing field. They don’t have to have any professional degree in decorating but a sense of aesthetics and decoration.  Their qualifications are  less than those of interior designers.

Who do they work for?

Interior decorators usually work with different furniture manufacturing companies  to give them ideas  of designs that can be more aesthetic.They are usually hired  after  the completion of design  to help in making space appear more beautiful. They suggest things like what to buy and what will go with the spaces’ layout.

When to hire an interior decorator?

If you are looking for perfection in everything you put in your space and want to decorate it in  the best way possible then, you should hire an interior stylist. He can provide you with all the perfection you want allowing you to make the best possible choice there can be.


There are very clear differences between the work of both. Designers design and decorators decorate. In conclusion, an interior designer may help in decorating but interior decorators won’t design. If you are looking forward to a full package of interior designers with space planning as well then creative shelf- an interior design company in dubai is the perfect option to opt for. They wouldn’t only help in space layout but would also help in furniture designs and selecting as well, a complete all in one package!

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