Children’s Day

Children’s Day

Children’s Day

Children’s Day

Children’s day is celebrated on different dates in different countries of the world. That means that the existence of children is equally important for everyone. Nelson Mandela said “Our children are our greatest treasure. They are our future. Those who abuse them tear at the fabric of our society and weaken our nation.” Celebrating children’s day promotes awareness among others to give the right to children in all walks of life. End of the day, we will be the ones ruling the work.

For all parents, this day is as special as their children are to them. It is a universal fact that parents always want to give the best of everything to their children, be it just an only child or more than one – all get equal importance. Many people consult interior designing experts to suggest what needs to be done to make their home a perfect place for their children.

Children are the ones to take our legacy forward, and they make our everyday routine worth experiencing! As most parents will concur, time is elapsing in a matter of moments, and our children are growing up so fast. Before you even realize it, your children will be busy in their own lives. Therefore, we need to spend as much time with them and make memories to last for a lifetime!

Here are some ideas to make their day a special one that they would cherish all their lives. Check out these Children’s Day home décor ideas.

Let them Paint the Wall

Children write to love on the wall. Having a blackboard feature wall is a wonderful addition to your child’s room; or any other room in your home. It is better to seek help from an interior consultantThey can suggest if you should hire a professional painter, or you can simply paint the wall yourself. Maybe your child can help. Now let your child use chalk and draw what they wish to, without worrying about the paint getting spoilt. But first le the paint has dried completely, then your child can doodle, sketch, scribble on the blackboard wall. Even you can accompany or child in this fun activity.

A bird’s nest

A child who is a lover is going to love this craft activity – being animal lovers they would be more than happy! To make the nest of the bird, cut a piece of paper in half and tape the edges to form a hollow like a nest has. Paint the paper brown. To make the grass and twigs in the nest, shred a brown paper, preferably crepe paper, into the hollow. Take cotton balls and stick nice cream sticks and stick googly eyes on them to show the newborn babies in the nest. Once all is done then you should display the nest to enlighten the environment. When you talk about kids’ interiorsit makes sure that these features will satisfy them and do good for their inclination towards animals.

Paper wind chimes

Wind chimes hanging in the window or any other place is always supposed to act as an exceptional addition to the house. They ate very easy for the students as well. Take a long string and cut it into at least 5 equal-sized strings. Take card paper and cut different animals. Colour them to match the colour of the animals they have chosen. Now, add each one at the end of a string you have cut. On the other end, hang these over with your time.


Moreover, kids’ interior inspiration guide for children’s and baby’s rooms can be none other than Creative ShelfAs they have brilliant ideas for any sort of decoration or transformation of a place into something either classy or creative.