Wide Plank Floors Creates a Roomy Room

Wide Plank Floors Creates a Roomy Room

Wide Plank Floors Creates a Roomy Room

Wide Plank Floors Creates a Roomy Room

It has always been tiring cleaning your carpet. Have you ever thought of replacing your carpet with something else? If you are considering removing your conventional flooring, yet can’t choose between hardwood flooring and tile – read ahead and you will definitely find it easier to decide!

Flooring is a primary thing for your home, in fact, it is the visual foundation of the interior. In interior design projects, flooring is considered the main aspect. You need to make a smart choice when selecting flooring in your home, it plays a vital role in adding the right tone to each of the rooms, also contributes to the lighting and comfort levels of your home. Nevertheless, when people decide to bring a change to the interior as they are bored of carpet, the next big query is what’s next? Creative Shelf is here to provide their services to remove your old floor, preparing it for your new flooring. Not only this, they give proper advice on which flooring to choose for your home!

Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring not only enhances the look of your home, adding aesthetic appeal to it, but it can also add value to your home. The resale value increases of homes with wood floors and they sell faster than a home without hardwood floors. Hardwood flooring is a feature that is generally appealing and tends to stay in trend. Interior management is not everyone’s cup of tea, there are these interior designers who follow all the trends because they know what their clients look for. There are several advantages of choosing wooden flooring.

The ideal choice

At one point as you continued looking for the ideal wood floors, you feel like you’ve hunted for each kind of hardwood flooring possible. Yet, have you given a thought to the size of the boards? A similar hardwood range can look tremendously different when arranged in wide planks. A good fit out company would always suggest you to go for wide planks when you surely want wooden flooring. No doubt that the narrow strips look dainty and classy, but the exotic feel these wide planks give is certainly fascinating to others.

Easier Fitting

The interior designers go out of their way to make things the best for you, they take all the pains of making your dream house come to life. And for that, you want them to spend the least time in works like installations of the wooden flooring. If you have chosen wide planks, that would prove to be quite a wise choice, because one wide plank would take up space of two or more narrow strips, which means we are saving time. Fewer planks cover a larger area. That means you are cutting down the expenses: cost of material and labor. Interior fit-out contractors can prove to be the most suitable people for getting the job done.

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Intriguing expanded look

Since a long, large tiles have been quite popular. As a matter of fact, all ingenious interior designers know how to give a visual expansion to the room. Large tiles can instantly make a small bathroom or even a living room feel amazingly more expansive. The same is the fact about the wide plank hardwood. The fewer lines on the floor, the more spacious the room looks. A normal eye perceives the floor wide and roomy. If you’re furnishing a small room and you want it to look more spacious, wide planks would do the trick. You don’t have to worry – Creative Shelf has all the interior fit-out solutions which can be beyond your imagination.

Natural appearance

Wider planks show a greater variety of wood grain. This gives them a natural look; this exclusive look cannot be achieved by having narrow strips.  A great visual interest comes to the rooms with hardwood floors. They can give a modern or vintage look, which is well provided by the fit-out services. Creative Shelf – a leading interior fit-out company in Dubai has been in this field, they have expert interior consultants who would give you the best advice for your fit-out interiors. Creative Shelf is proud to make customers for life.