Having an Active Kids’ Room

Having an Active Kids’ Room

Having an Active Kids’ Room

Having an Active Kids’ Room

Children love to play and be dynamic. To profit their wellbeing, kids more than 5 ought to be truly active for at least an hour daily. It doesn’t need to be an organized game – anything that gets them up and moving would suffice.

Nowadays, children have a sedentary life; they are spending more time than ever before either sitting or lying down. The most common reason is they are using electronic media. The children who were into some or the other type of sports are now deprived of that little activity they had – thanks to Covid-19. The pandemic has made children deskbound because of online activities, hence the inactive behaviour.

Even after life getting back to normal life, children are used to their sitting and inactive mode. Often, they are doing homework or reading, mainly they get to sit for long hours in school.

An Active Lifestyle

Most children today don’t get an hour of any physical activity daily which is required for their mental and physical wellbeing, it is not only just a requirement but it is integral for their growth too. Urging your child to be physically active is not all that you should do. You need to provide them with opportunities to thrive in an environment where they have the resources to burn their energy. You need to challenge your child to move more and sit less.

The health benefits of being active are multiple; they will:

  • develop solid bones, muscles and joints.
  • develop a healthy heart and lungs.
  • have better coordination, strength and muscle control.
  • have a well-maintained body.
  • have more flexible bodies.
  • be able to maintain proper balance and posture will improve.
  • develop indispensable connections of the brain, with improved thinking abilities and concentration.

Physical Activities Facilities at Home

When planning for your house, you want the best for your child too. Kid’s room can be designed in the most unique way where they can be provided with all the facilities needed to keep them active and not being sedentary. Different fittings in the room can make it a fun environment for the kid as well as it can help him keep moving. There are several ideas that can be applied while designing your child’s room. The best is to contact a joinery company in Dubai to plan for your kids’ room. Fit out interiors such as Creative Shelf LLC creates inspiring and intriguing spaces for children.   

Wall Climbers

There are different ways to create wall climbers. The simple ones are done with knotted ropes hanging on the walls. The knots help them to keep balance while they climb, giving them support and a firm grip. The other idea is of tying tumblers with the rope. The kid can hold the tumbler one at a time and jeep climbing up.

Maze Craze

A simple maze can be made on the floor or carpet with the help of a coloured tape. Place a football at the beginning point and instruct your kid to reach the end of the maze, moving the ball with gentle kicks. The same maze can be used for any other activity, for instance, keep your child’s favourite toy or any object he is fond of, at one end of the maze, make him stand on the other end and ask him to reach the object passing through the maze. An ingenious interior design company like Creative Shelf LLC can make your dream come true. You just plan and we execute.

 Burn Their Energy

Investing in certain things for children is worth it, like a mini-trampoline. Kids can bounce on it for a few minutes – this can be really exhilarating for high-energy kids. Even a small monkey bar can serve the purpose if you want your child to do some exercise and develop coordination and balance. Creative Shelf LLC is a  proficient home interior consultant that knows how well the space can be utilized.

Children can build stronger muscles by taking part in activities which demand working against resistance. Adequate muscular strength allows kids to accept the challenges of daily life without unnecessary stress on their joints and muscles.

Activities that build strength develop strong bones, muscles and good posture, improve the ability to lift and manoeuvre objects and obstacles and enhance healthy growth and development.

A project in Downtown Dubai designed and executed by Creative Shelf LLC for a kids room which includes active elements like a monkey bar vertical ladder, and a wall climbing panel infused aesthetically with the rope design which became a bunk for the bed.