Few Tips for a Sustainable Interior Design

Few Tips for a Sustainable Interior Design

Few Tips for a Sustainable Interior Design

Few Tips for a Sustainable Interior Design

According to environmentalists of UN, it will take us over a period of 10 years to turn around things and prevent climate change. However, every industry today has started implementing sustainability in whatever they do to decrease their carbon footprints. Many of the Dubai interior design companies have embraced green practices in their designs to minimize the environmental impact. Here we have a few tips from these professional experts to incorporate eco-friendly practices and products into the design

Incorporate Energy Efficiency:

One of the best ways to save power and of course money is to look for energy efficient designs. Among the many factors that influence power or energy consumption, heating and lighting are the most essential ones. Making use of lighter or paler hues as your main color scheme is one of the best ways to create brighter space and save electric energy as compared to using darker hues that require more artificial lighting. Moreover, you can use less abrasive paints that are great for the environment and the occupants of the space.

Another sustainable design practice to reduce the usage of light is to incorporate reflective surfaces. This will increase the amount of light reflecting from room to room and thereby lowering the dependency of artificial lighting.

Using high quality insulated windows won’t allow heat to escape from the building. You can also consider window treatments as a smart, easy to manage and install option keeping the cold air, or sun’s heat outside. You can easily control the temperature of the interiors by opening and shutting them as required.

Source eco-friendly furnishings

You should always look out for interior design companies that are committed to sustainable interior design and are constantly looking for ways to choose materials with low environmental impact. Make sure that the materials used to create beautiful furnishings are organic like stone and wood. Those made with fast-growing and renewable bamboo can also be considered. You should carefully pick the pieces that will no sooner go out of fashion and are created to last long.

You can also consider choosing furnishing fabricated from recycled materials like recycled steel, insulated concrete forms, plant-based polyurethane foam, and different others. Not only will these elegant pieces give a subtle appearance to the interiors but will also reflect your environmental consciousness.

Reduce waste

Most of the interior design companies focus on the three R’s i.e Recycling, Reducing, and Repurposing, of environmental friendliness. Reducing waste or upcycling includes refurbishment of waste material to create a state of art. For instance, a beautiful chandelier can be created by utilizing the otherwise waste glass bottles. Likewise, the wood chips that are left behind as waste, when creating some wooden furniture, can be used to beautify the floorings or wall covering. This way you will not only save waste but will also enhance your interior décor.

Use certified appliances

You must always utilize sustainable appliances that hold back environmental certifications. With these certifications, it can be proved that the particular appliance being used to meet different environmental criteria. Different third-party organizations, like the Greenguard Environmental Institute or GEI and the Global Ecolabelling Network issue such certifications in Dubai. these eco-certified appliances will not only help you save energy but also assist in saving you money in the long run.

Employ water conserving ideas

By making use of water-efficient plumbing fixtures including efficient models of faucets and shower heads, you will help in minimizing the consumption of potable water. This will also reduce the need for disposable systems, hence reducing any new infrastructure requirement. Using dual-flush toilets and showerheads with low flow rates can save as much as 70% of water.

If you are looking for the best of interior design companiesconsidering Creative Shelf would definitely be your best bet. The experienced and skilled team here has been using innovative solutions to create sustainable interior designs for both home and offices. Not only our interior designs stand out, but also contribute to the health of the ecosystem.