10 Helpful Guidelines for Decorating Walls

10 Helpful Guidelines for Decorating Walls

10 Helpful Guidelines for Decorating Walls

10 Helpful Guidelines for Decorating Walls

The walls are just like giant canvases around the room. You can go as far as you want to with your imagination when it comes to decorating your walls. The way you decorate a certain spot speaks volumes about your personality, taste, and choices.

If you are doubtful of your creative instincts, you can always take the services of an interior designer. Dubai is full of talented interior designers.

Let us talk about some unconventional ways to create the best versions of your walls.

Say bye to symmetry

Art is never about symmetry. Well, it may be in very few instances, but overall, we believe the beauty lies in how you fill in and match the spaces. Please be liberal with experimenting using different mediums. Be free and try out different sizes and number of wall hangings or frames you would be using around the space. There is no set of rules—that is the rule.

Psst! Size does matter

Here, size does matter. While it may seem tempting to fill up large wall spaces with several small hangings or frames—to bring out blend and contrast, you need to wake up your esthetics. Every wall has certain importance concerning its position around the room. If the wall you plan to decorate is the statement wall and is big, go with large-sized frames, posters, or artwork. Try this and you will see that large-sized frames or hangings compliment the space better than smaller pieces. This is because there is one focus and making a statement.

Experiment with mix and match

Please, do not treat your walls as school uniforms. Experiment with mixing different textures, sizes, and mediums. Now, this may be confusing as it is contrary to what we just stated in the above point. However, here we are not talking about the big statement wall.

The basic idea is not to stick to a certain type of wall décor. If you are following a certain color theme, choose a few contrasting colors to create pop. Add different mediums, materials, sizes, and colors.

Remember, you will never know until you try. Things can be undone. Do not be afraid to go bold and wild with a few ideas.

The key is to go bold but follow the basic theme or idea of the room décor. Is not that simple?

Mirrors all around? No, please.

We know you must have heard and read all the advice about mirrors; how they add an illusion of a bigger space, however; when used in abundance, they can take away from the ambiance. Mirrors should be placed very sensibly. They should serve the purpose of adding to the décor as well as be useful in checking out one’s reflection when needed. This goes without saying how important it is to place a full-length mirror at the entrance of your room or home.

Remember, treat mirrors as statement pieces, and avoid overusing them.


Lights or rather light shades or fixtures are an important wall décor element in any room. It gives oomph to the overall design and décor of the room. Choose your light fixtures smartly; they should resonate with the overall theme or décor of the space. This said you will have to check out the type of light you will using. If it is a workplace, you may want to go for bright white light. For a place to relax, warm yellow light is always the best choice. Moreover, warm light adds richness to the overall appearance.

Hello, Fabric. How about we use you on the walls?

This is perhaps one of the trendiest and most economical albeit overlooked wall décor elements—fabric. There are many ways you can use fabric on walls for décor.

You can create embroidered wall hangings, and use fabric pieces of tapestries to match the theme.

You can paint it on fabric and get it framed as a wall hanging.

If you want to go up a notch, you can use long narrow wood panels covered with fabric and create a statement wall. This will be a unique wall décor and can go well with any theme. You just have to use the appropriate fabric.

Wallpaper for that extra something

Wallpapers have always been a favorite when it comes to wall décor. There are a few things that are not achievable with wall paint, and there comes wallpaper to the rescue. You can go as bold as you want with wallpapers. You can choose whether to put wallpaper on all your walls or only on the statement wall.

As a bit of expert advice, when choosing wallpaper, go for something bold and eye-catching. Something more than normal wall paint. Wallpapers are expensive. Why settle for less?

Last word:

There are a gazillion ideas when it comes to decorating walls. Just go with your instincts, explore your creative self, experiment with different mediums and textures, and try to resonate with the overall décor style and theme. How much you can and want to spend on wall décor completely depends on you and your pocket.

As a parting tip, visit the creative shelf for some gorgeous wall decorating ideas and solutions.